On April 17, 2008 in Rome was launched the “Community of Mediterranean SMEs”, the Euro-Mediterranean market of small and medium-sized enterprises. The aim of the initiative is to enhance cooperation and integration among small businesses in the Mediterranean. A need which springs from the weakness in being able to create a system in this area, especially in contrast with the strength of the productive sectors of the Far East.

The Comunità Euro-Mediterranean SMEs will, in this sense, an authoritative partner and representative in its relations with the European institutions. The first step will go towards the Community’s analysis of the reality of the companies involved, making special efforts to develop and facilitate access to microcredit by these production.

Specifically the objectives of the Community are:

provide a tool to actively involve SMEs in the various countries, through continuous dialogue between the associations representing the production and stimulating practical integration from below;
fully exploit the potential provided by the Community Initiatives;
make concrete and re-launch, through specific development projects, the debate on economic prospects of the basin.

The Assembly of members is made up of representatives from business associations:

Albania (ASC UNION – Albanian Savings and Credit Union)

France (APCM – Permanente des Chambres de Metiers Assemblies)

Italy (Confartigianato Companies, Confartigianato Apulia, Confartigianato Bari, Fiera del Levante)

Libya (SGIA)

Romania (CNIPMMR – National Council of Private Small and Medium-Sized Enterprisea in Romania)

Tunisia (OPEN – Agence pour la Promotion des Relations Economiques & Italo-Tunisiennes Européennes)

Turkey (TESK – Türkiye Esnaf ve Sanatkarları Konfederasyonu)

The Executive Council is composed of:

President – Francesco Sgherza (President Confartigianato Apulia)

Vice President – Andrè Bendano (President APCM)

Vice President – Bendevi Palandeken (President Tesk).