Accord des 28 Etats membres sur la réforme du marché des émissions de gaz à effet de serre

  • 28 février 2017

Columbia 11s Low For SaleBUY Air Jordan 11 Low ColumbiaEU environment ministers, after difficult negotiations, reached last February 28, 2017 a common position on the greenhouse gas emissions trading (ETS). This agreement opens the way to turn the negotiations with the Commission and European parliament to define the operation of the ETS for the next decade, with the aim to reduce by 43% CO2 emissions compared to 2005 levels.

The agreement reached by EU Environment Ministers is a « good starting point » for negotiations with Parliament and the Commission which will lead to a new emissions of the EU market.

At the basis of the agreement is a compromise between the countries that have put more effort on environmental performance and those more concerned about the competitiveness of the EU. Countries of the first deployment as France, Sweden and Luxembourg get an opening on the possibility to cancel the validity of part

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