Tunisia: unemployed protest against work selection criteria

  • 6 May 2012

TUNIS, MAY 3 – The mining area of Gafsa, the most important in Tunisia for the extraction and treatment of phosphates, one of the key contributing factors to the country’s economy, is paralysed by a series of protests, which are mainly targeting the Gafsa phosphates company (CPG), which enjoys a monopoly in the sector.

CPG activity has been blocked for days by protests by hundreds of people without jobs, who dispute the selection criteria for the hiring of around a thousand members of staff (out of 2,700 candidates), which is claimed to have been significantly conditioned and altered, the young people say. The protests, particularly sit-ins, which have blocked access for workers at the company, have targeted the CPG’s main offices (including the company headquarters) and the research centre.

The Ministry of Professional Training and Employment has called for a return to order, saying that the results of the selection process, and the subsequent list of possible employees, can always be contested with the presentation of appeals that will be closely examined.


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