The ERASMUS program celebrates 30 years

  • 25 January 2017

One of the projects that, for Europeans, is more the true ideals of a united Europe, this year celebrates 30 years.

Born in 1987 the European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (ERASMUS) in 2014 is declined in version Erasmus + for education, training, youth and sport.

The objectives are to reduce unemployment, especially among young people – Promoting adult learning – Encourage young people to participate in European democracy – Supporting innovation and cooperation – reduce early school leaving – To promote cooperation and mobility between the EU partner countries

The project is named after the philosopher and Dutch Renaissance humanist scholar (Erasmus of Rotterdam) who traveled throughout Europe for several years to understand the different cultures. The program benefited millions of young people, at first only university, also secondary school today.

The study abroad period should last for a period of at least three months, an internship for at least two months, all in another EU country. The maximum duration of an academic year, which must be recognized, to return from their University of origin.

To share knowledge with other young people and people of all ages, to learn about the institutions and organizations of other countries. To open up new job prospects and study.

Participating in the program 4,000 higher education institutions in 33 European countries, plus the external partner countries.

In the course of 2017, to celebrate the anniversary of 30 years, will be held events across Europe: conferences, forums, dialogues, parties, debates and exhibitions. These events may be organized on the basis of local initiatives and will contribute to the dissemination and promotion of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + program.

Antonio Tajani elected President of the European Parliament

  • 17 January 2017

After a very long day of ballots the center-right MEP Antonio Tajani was elected Tuesday, January 17, 2017 President of the European Parliament with 351 votes.

Tajani, Vice-President of the EPP group acheter viagra and ex Commissioner for Transport and industry, happens at german Martin Schulz. The election of Tajani seals the control of the European institutions by of the Popular, already at the

European Lead Factory, Pharmaceutical Research and SMEs

  • 10 January 2017

The European Lead Factory is a pan-European platform that aims to accelerate the development of innovative medicines (especially in areas where there is a real need, like, for example, dementia and antibiotic resistance) with a unique collaboration between researchers in the world, pharmaceutical industry and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Currently in the European Lead Factory database of 500,000 chemical compounds we were introduced, produced by pharmaceutical companies, ready to be tested as experimental drugs.

The platform also performs the so-called ‘sieve’ of these chemicals, a key step to produce effective drugs. This has allowed, in three and a half years, to identify 70 potential active ingredients that could become drugs intended to be then given to patients.

Bridging the gap between academic research and the pharmaceutical industry has been possible to propose potential drugs in the field of