Turkey : 90 years after the Republic proclamation

  • 12 November 2013

Turkey , full of contradictions and at the mercy of the waves of secularization , is celebrating 90 years of the Republic. The country, in fact , lies at the crossroads between political Islam and neo-Ottoman which seems to point to Erdogan and recovery, at least in part, the European soul and lay 1923.
The President Abdullah Gul kicked off the celebrations by laying a wreath at the tomb of the father of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , a symbolic figure of secularism in the country, which gave way to a series of revolutionary constitutional reforms , such as the abolition of the sultanate Ottoman caliphate and the Islamic canon law , the proclamation of the republic, the secularization of the state and the opposition opposes the current Islamic government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The opposition , in fact, Erdogan accuses of wanting to re-Islamicize the country , abolishing the symbols of separation between state and religion.
The celebrations of the ninetieth anniversary of the founding of the Republic put the seal a year marked by the contrast between the two souls of the country exploded with protests Gezi Park ( Movement of Young Turks who takes the name of the same political organization more than a century ago fought in favor of independence Turkish ) and renewed by the withdrawal of the invitation of the veil in public offices.
The Young Turks , according to the U.S. freelance journalist Musa, are embedded in a context where the movement of opposition to the government of Erdogan becomes increasingly weak, fragmented and disorganized , ” For the movement of the opposition Republic party turns into an opportunity to express their dissent against the policies of the AKP , is not exactly what you might call a National Union party . The left-wing groups , inspired Kemalist secular protest against a policy that is gradually pushing the country toward a conservative Islamic and drift that is eroding all the forces of contestation : just think of the number of journalists who are in Turkish prisons . Even those small steps taken by the government : how to stretch the skirts of the hostess uniforms of Turkish Airlines , or the ban on alcoholic beverages on the street … are really strong signals that indicate the direction in which Turkey is going . ”
” The 10-year Government of Erdogan and his ideology are the reaction against the progressive push for a new company coming from Ataturk ” notes Rasit Kaya , professor of political science at the University ‘ ODTÜ Ankara . No coincidence that the guys Gezi Park took to the streets to challenge the authoritarian exercise of power of Erdogan and his race towards Islam have declared the soldiers of Ataturk .
The manifestations of an institutional nature , secular Turkey has responded with a procession Republican who has collected tens of thousands of people in the center of Ankara.
” The AKP has taken away all the inheritance of the Republic. We have done so much to celebrate this day – says Gulizar Saltik , a retired teacher – Our grandparents have faced many difficulties to achieve all this . Erdogan’s party has taken away everything. ”
” Many of the values ​​gained during the 90 years of the Republic were destroyed or worn out – the writer says Veli Saltik – People are reacting to all of this .”