(English) The Aquarius ship receives European citizen Prize 2016: SOS Méditerranée has saved 6187 migrants in the last eight months

SOS MEDITERRANEE is an international humanitarian organization Italian-French-German independent of any political party and from any religious ideology, which simply stems viagra pas cher inde vente from respect for human beings as such and dignity, whatever their nationality, origin, social background , religious, political or ethical.

The man, who devised the project, founded the association SOS MEDITERRANEE and its current president is Klaus Vogel, the person in possession of a PhD in History and title, profession, captain of the merchant marine.

The project was supported in France by Sophie Beau (Marseille), in charge of social action and humanitarian programs and in Italy by Valeria Calandra (Palermo), executive Naturalist Sicilian Region.

The emergency migrants in the Mediterranean must be addressed with “a common European approach: we are demonstrating that civil society responds to this terrifying and disturbing situation, while Europe fails.” He said the Cap. Vogel, captain of the ship Aquarius NGO SOS Méditerranée, which operates in the waters between Lampedusa, Sicily and Libya, and has received the European Citizens’ Prize 2016 by the European Parliament.

“Where Europe is failing, there is civil society. In the sea arrive men, women and children. We should stop using the word economic migrants: they are not. They have no choice; they are victims of abuse and torture. The guard coastal Libyan does not protect people fleeing, indeed, is often involved in the smuggling, “says Vogel operations.

The ship, from February 2016 to date, has saved 6187 people and its activity is fully funded by the global solidarity of the citizens. Each day at sea coast 11000 EUR Aquarius. “In Europe there is increasing discussion of immigration risks and adverse reactions of the Member States, but civil society is welcoming and open ten times more than what you say.” The first yes to the project, in 2015, were from Germany, France and Italy: “When we presented the idea to the mayor of Lampedusa, Giusy Nicolini – concludes Vogel – said to us,” You are crazy, but I’m with you. ”

SOS MEDITERRANEE was founded by citizens who contribute with different professional qualifications (maritime, humanitarian, medical, legal, etc.). The primary objective is to organize the rescue of migrants in mortal danger in the Mediterranean Sea. Second, the association aims to gather evidence on the situation of migrants, opening up to different perspectives on the phenomenon of migration by sea, to Europe: you want to compare the opinion of sources of European and African companies; specifically Mediterranean.

The association is based on the mobilization of citizens from different European countries, who want to show solidarity with the people who push from inhuman and unacceptable conditions, it escapes through the Mediterranean and risk their lives at sea on precarious boats trying to reach the ‘ Europe.

The rescue operation, carried out by flying the flag of different European countries will require boats, for the reception of migrants, the involvement of different public authorities in the EU.

In parallel, the association aims to actively inform the public on the situation in the Mediterranean, through the collection of direct evidence, and collaboratively to support the European institutions.

The goal that has set the association is to create a network of vessels and crews qualified for rescue operations at sea.

SOS MEDITERRANEE, in fact, has a vocation to bring assistance, within its capacity for action, to all those who risk their lives at sea. Currently, people who are in this condition are: women, children, men, immigrants or asylum seekers; fleeing war, persecution, poverty; in search of a better future.

In the Mediterranean, in addition, the goal is to intervene on different routes through the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coasts to save lives by the tragic death, threatened with shipwreck. The first ship, the Aquarius, is already operating in the Italian sea between Sicily, Lampedusa and Libya. This was possible thanks to the funds raised through donations of sensitive Europeans to the humanitarian cause. Subsequent ships will be positioned, as appropriate, in the Mediterranean Sea area to the east (Greece, Cyprus) et in the west (Spain).

The association works to save lives through relief operations at risk of sinking boats and providing first aid and emergency management on board the rescue ship. It was also prepared a team of medical and psychological support and assistance is provided to refer the persons saved from information systems and assistance for migrants in Europe.

Another goal of SOS Mediterranée is to testify in an active and direct manner the phenomenon of migration in the Mediterranean, by informing the public of the European countries on the situation of migrants in the Mediterranean, with the collection of evidence on conditions and on different aspects of migration in act. To pay tribute to people who died during the crossing is considered a duty, since this fact is unacceptable to the sensitivity of a civil society and it is the reason underlying the association.

The association also undertakes, informing migrants in their country of origin and / or transit on the actual conditions of access in Europe and about the risks they expose themselves during their journey, and also providing direct information documents and operational available of public opinion and European institutions on the impact of migration policies adopted by different EU countries. This could provide valuable information to help assess the impact of legislative and organizational decisions on European level.