Rome, January 31, 2017: Forum on the economic opportunities in Kosovo

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The key areas on which the Kosovar government intends to aim for the economic development of the country are the Agribusiness, Mining, Energy, Construction and Infrastructure, wood processing, technology and communication, textile and leather processing. Investment opportunities in these fields and the promotion of collaboration between Italian companies and Kosovo – even in view of a public-private partnership – will be dedicated to the Forum hosted in Rome by the Ice, January 31 next. The meeting will take place in Rome at Via Litz Headquarters, 21, with start of work at 9.30 am.

The event is aimed at companies, business associations, unions and industry, professionals, consultants, organizations, institutions. With the ICE-agency event intends to present the business opportunities in strategic sectors for development of Kosovo and promote collaboration between Italian businesses and those in Kosovo, also in view of a public-private partnership. Particularly important will be the issue of funding, to support business activities.

The ICE Agency’s counterpart organization of the event will be the Kiesa Agency (Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency) which will identify the institutional delegation and Kosovo companies.

The situation of the Balkan state is very interesting. In 2015, in fact, the Kosovo economy registered positive growth rates. The assessments of the International Monetary Fund (World Economic Outlook, October 2016) have shown a real growth of gross domestic product by 4% and the same increase is also estimated for the 2016.Il value of foreign trade in 2015 stood at around 2, 9 billion euro. Italy is among the leading economic partners and the commercial exchange between the two countries reached about 246 million euro. The Kosovar imports from Italy amounted to about 226 million euro compared with 203 million euro in 2014, with an annual increase of 11%. Thanks to the favourable tax legislation and the geographical proximity of the two countries, in recent years several Italian companies have turned to the small Balkan state, or as and export market as a destination for productive investments and forms of cooperation with local partners

Italy, reminiscent of the Ice which together with the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency, is organizing the event, is among the leading economic partners of Pristina: Also for 2016, in fact, be positive for Italian exports, increased from 44.61 million euro in the first seven months of 2015 to 50.55 in the same period of 2016.

The aim of implementing policies for sustainable economic growth, in January 2016 the Government approved the National Strategy for Development 2016-2021. The strategy document, drawn up with the technical support of the European Commission in Kosovo, is based on four pillars: human resources development, strengthening the rule of law, entrepreneurship and infrastructure.


Agribusiness: an important asset of the Kosovar economy. The Government submitted the conditions to create a modern food system, effective, innovative and sustainable.

Mines for development of the sector is considered necessary the rehabilitation of existing mines, the identification of new resources, the attraction of foreign investment and the development of mineral processing. The value of mineral resources is estimated at around 12.5 to 25 billion euro.

Energy: the main strategic objectives are to ensure a sustainable energy supply, integration into the Regional Energy Market, strengthening existing thermal systems and creation of new capacities, improve energy efficiency.

Construction and infrastructure: the actions of the Government are mainly oriented towards the improvement of road and railway infrastructure, road infrastructure integration on a regional and European level, and to promote environmentally friendly construction.

Woodworking: forests cover about half of the national territory and are an important resource for the country’s economy. Kosovo operates the Association of Wood Processing Companies (SHPDK) and modernization of technology for the processing of the raw material is a further boost to the sector’s development.

Information technology and communication: the country is more and more ‘oriented to absorb technological innovations from abroad, increasing the propensity for innovation of products and processes, and foster innovation in strategic sectors of the economy.

Leather processing: the sector has good growth potential and competitiveness of the same is important to the improvement of technologies and production processes.